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با ابزار set affinity در ویندوز این کار انجام میشه

آموزش cryengine

آموزش کرای انجین

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و به همراه نسخه ی قابل نصب ورژن ۳٫۴

شامل مباحث:

In this CryENGINE tutorial we will learn the fundamentals to creating beautiful levels in the widely popular game engine CryENGINE. We’ll start off by learning how to download and install the CryENGINE SDK. Once all of that’s out of the way, we’ll jump into generating and modifying the terrain. From there, we’ll ramp up the action by painting materials on our terrain, adding vegetation, props, water, clouds, boids and so much more. This tutorial covers all of the major features you’ll need to get up and running in CryENGINE and by the end of the course, you’ll not only have created an immersible level but you’ll have all the knowledge you need to begin creating your own levels.

Creating a custom game folder in CryENGINE
Creating ropes in CryENGINE
Installing the CryExport tools for 3ds Max
Installing the CryExport tools for Maya
Installing the CryTIFF plugin for Photoshop
Introduction and Project Overview
Installing the CryENGINE Free SDK
Generating terrain
Modify Terrain tool basics
Adding a basic material using the Layer Painter
Blocking in the level using the Layer Painter
Blocking in the main play area
Blocking in the rest of the play area
Refining the main play area
Creating the path textures
Adding roads
Vegetation basics
Adding our first layer of vegetation
Adding another layer of vegetation
Set dressing basics using brushes
Advanced set dressing using brushes
Editing the environment settings
Adding fog
Adding doors
Creating water volumes
Working with boids
Organizing the level using layers
Particle basics
Creating clouds
Adding sound
Voxel basics
Building the cave interior
Adding decals


۱ عدد DVD – قیمت ۸۰۰۰ تومان
نوع آموزش : ویدیویی
شماره محصول : ۹۶



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